Posted 24th October, 2022

Do you own or are thinking of buying an Electric Vehicle?

It may seem straightforward to insure an Electric vehicle but there are some reasons why you may need specialist cover for your electric vehicle.

Not all insurers will cover electric vehicles

Some insurers won’t cover electric vehicles for various reasons (some cite increased cost of repairs etc.) At EV Insurance we can cater for all electric vehicles. So if you are looking to cover an Tesla Model Y, 3, S, X or a Porsche Taycan, we can help you with the cover you need.

Your existing policy may not give you the correct cover.

A lot of existing insurance policies haven’t adapted to the needs of EV owners. There is a difference between the cover needs of an ICE vehicle and an EV.

Unique policy benefits

As well as flexible underwriting and ownership options, our EV specific policy has unique cover as standard, such as: Cover for charging cables, breakdown cover for running out of charge and business use as standard. See our policy benefits for full details.

Open drive and fleet options

If you require other directors or employees to drive your EV, we can organise open drive cover or if you need to buy multiple vehicles we can help set up a mini fleet policy.

So if you are insuring an EV, please contact the experts – EV insurance to see how we can help or click here for an online quote . EV insurance – Different vehicles, different cover.