Posted 23rd June, 2020

Here is why you should insure your Tesla through EV Insurance.

Few car manufactures have caused as much discussion over the years as Tesla. No matter your opinion on the CEO or share price, no one can deny that they have helped shape the EV market.

So whether it is a Model S, Model 3 or Model Y or X, here is why you should contact us for a quotation:

Excellent premiums

Many standard insurers will offer Electric vehicle insurance cover, but don’t know how to rate them properly, so the quotations tend to be a lot more expensive then standard vehicles. A lot will offer insurance cover for Tesla’s, but rate them as if they are an exotic sports car.

We have argued with our insurer that EV owners tend to be more conscientious drivers and so are less likely to make a claim. The insurer has listened to us on this point so the premiums they offer are very competitive. Teslas also have increased tech like Sentry mode and adaptive cruise control which reduce the likelihood of a claim which allows us to negotiate reduced premiums for Teslas.

Increased cover.

Standard insurers often won’t quote for Teslas and if they do will offer standard cover. Here are some of the extra covers our EV insurance scheme offers:

:> EV specific breakdown cover – If you do run out of charge we will get you to the nearest charge point.

:> Cover for EV sundries like charging cables – Without any loss of your No claim bonus.

:> Class 1 cover as standard.

:> Discounted rates

Owning an Electric Vehicle through your business

Since the government introduced incentives to buy an EV through your company, buying an EV through a small company has become a lot more popular.

This can cause a lot of problems for standard insurers however as they will historically not insure a vehicle that is insured privately but registered in the company name.

We at EV insurance have no issue with this. We can insure the car in your name and allow the vehicle be registered in the company name and we offer class 1 business use as standard.

Taking all of the above into account we have no doubt that we are currently offering the most comprehensive cover on the market and would love to hear from you at the start of your EV journey.

Contact EV insurance for an EV insurance quote today on 0818 919699 click here for an online quote . EV insurance – Different vehicles, different cover.