Posted 5th September, 2019

Ev Insurance launches on the Irish insurance market!

A unique motor insurance policy designed specifically for electric vehicles.

When one of our team tried to insure their electric vehicle, they found little or no options on the Irish insurance market, so in collaboration with the EV community and our insurance partners we developed a scheme specifically for electric vehicles. So what are the benefits of the policy?

  • Discounted rates: We have agreed discounted rates with our insurance partner to reflect the safety record of EV’s in this country.
  • EV specific breakdown cover: Though charging range is improving all the time, range anxiety is still a concern for a lot of EV drivers. We provide specific breakdown cover that will make sure you are brought to a charging point or home (whichever the nearer) so you can drive your vehicle, confident you will have the backup you need.
  • Cover for EV sundries: (with no loss of no claim bonus): Items like charging cables do unfortunately get stolen and can be expensive to replace. Our policy will cover these and importantly there won’t be any loss to your no claim bonus.
  • EV courtesy car: If your vehicle is stolen or not road worthy after a theft or accident and you are entitled to a courtesy car, we will replace your car with another electric car and if an electric car isn;t available we will give you a fuel voucher instead.
  • Cover for leased batteries: Some EV owners elect to lease the batteries of their EV’s instead of buying them outright. This can cause an issue at insurance claim stage as the batteries belong to the car company and not the owner. We will cover the batteries as part of a total loss claim and reimburse the car company as per our policy terms.
  • Automatic cover for company owned vehicles: The government allows company directors to buy an EV through a company and drive without having to pay BIK. Most insurers have an issue with the vehicle being registered to the company but the policy staying in an individuals name. We are happy to accommodate this and will include class 1 business use at no extra cost.
  • All electric vehicles can be accommodated: From Tesla’s to Kona’s and from eNiros to Electric vans we can help.

We are specialists in helping those that have joined the EV revolution. Contact us on 0818 919699 or fill in quotation form today to see how we can help.