Posted 24th October, 2022

Buying an EV through your company?

Are you in charge of a small to medium-sized business? We can help you and your employees by providing unique EV, or electric vehicle, insurance. By purchasing an EV through a company, you are able to keep your no-claims bonus. Our prices also help to bring down your overall business costs.

The best of both worlds

By insuring your electric car privately, you can keep your no claim bonus and not transfer it to the company. This way you can register the car to your business but insure it privately, keeping your bonus live and reducing the premium costs.

Saving businesses time & money

We’re all about saving businesses time and money, so we’ve created a policy just for small company owners who want to insure their electric vehicle through the company. With our unique insurance options and excellent premiums, you’ll be able to save some money on your no claims bonuses as well. Insure both the car privately with our policy and keep your no claims bonus while driving the EV.

Unique policy benefits

As well as flexible underwriting and ownership options, our EV specific policy has unique cover as standard, such as: Cover for charging cables, breakdown cover for running out of charge and business use as standard. See our policy benefits for full details.

Open drive and fleet options

If you require other directors or employees to drive your EV, we can organise open drive cover or if you need to buy multiple vehicles we can help set up a mini fleet policy.

All EV’s catered for.

Some insurers will refuse to cover certain EV makes such as Tesla’s or Porsche. We will be able to organise a quotation in the vast majority of cases and can also facilitate specialist policies like agreed value products for higher value vehicles

So if you are insuring an EV, please contact the experts – EV insurance to see how we can help or click here for an online quote . EV insurance – Different vehicles, different cover.